Use Missed Call Services for Cost-Effective Communication

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Getting engaged with your customers and prospects is an integral part of any business. Without it, there is no point in offering any product/ service to people. However, it is necessary to be smart and reduce the cost of all business communication with an increase in profit. The rate of conversion can be increased with the help of personalised communication between you and your customers.

What are Missed Call Services?

A missed call services solution fulfils all your above requirements and offers you cost-effective growth. Missed Called Solution has been serving as one of the most anticipated communication means between the company & customers. 

It simply asks people to give a missed call to the number shown in the advertisements. The system works as an alert system and asks you to call back to your prospect.  You can contact an authorised business communication solution to provide ‘Parth Technosys INC’ with an advanced missed call service solution. Missed call solution services features will use automated SMS and IVR campaigns to reach out to the caller. Also, you can set it with a live agent.

Benefits of Missed Call Services:

Long gone the time services like missed call numbers were just for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. Now they don’t just give a means for connecting a call but go beyond and offer insights, IVR, and other advanced features to upscale the business. Following are some of the benefits that will be helpful in a cost-effective business.

Promotes Company’s Brand in Market:

Missed call numbers improve overall market campaigning for any organisation. With a number offering a missed calling system, you are hereby attracting your old customers and new ones for approaching you. In case people don’t buy but they will become familiar with the services you are offering to the general public. Business is all about a number game. The more people you get calls from, the more conversion you can do. A missed calling number is an excellent strategy for building a brand among a large number of people instantly.

Customer Interaction:

When a company shares its business number instead of sharing its email in the first position, it actually makes the contact process easier. When offered the number, you build up the audience for connecting with the business.A missed call service also works in allowing surveys, getting feedback, solving queries, and sending automated SMS to each of your callers. Working as a major channel for different types of interaction will surely be very effective in growing your business.

Data Collection & Verification:

Missed Calls play a vital role in verifying the authenticity of the callers. As the marketplace is full of spam, getting calls from fraudsters is not a big thing. You can have to face these goons any time in your business days. The missed call numbers features allow you to get the details of the caller. Thus it empowers verification of fraudulent calls as well as finding potential prospects for the business.

Helpful In Optimising Time:

In this digital era, time is money. No one wants to spend a single second wasted in his/ her day. As a result, people want more and more simplified ways to connect to their respective organisations for their needs. While Google forms, emails, and messages are good communication mediums, they are indeed time-consuming with respect to a missed calling number. Its one-click operation offers remarkable time savings.

Delivery Confirmations:

E-commerce industries have changed the way we shop. In the last decade, online shopping has been growing rapidly. With all the profits and growth, companies have also been facing payment faults & scams. According to an estimate, online store companies face 26% of cash on delivery issuesBy using a simple missed call service with OTP, you can easily confirm the authenticity of the receiver and reduce the losses.

Voting Campaigns:

Your customers are the kings. Failing to make them satisfied will lead your company to huge losses. So what can you do? 

Voting can be a great solution for giving your company’s future a direction. It would be much better if you already know what people want from you. A missed calling service is the perfect tool to complete it. With the number of calls, you can easily decide whether to go with the idea or not.

Opt-in or Opt-out of the list:

Opt-in or opt-out options empowers your customer to choose whether they want your emails and messages in a regular manner. Although promoting your service is very important, it can be very irritating for some of your customers. A missed calling number for getting in or out of the lists can be another beneficial authority builder for you.


Missed Call Number is a smart choice for growing a business as well as saving money. It is cost-effective and builds you up as a trustable brand for the audience.

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