Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services

Send your pre-recorded messages about all kinds of offers, promotions, and new launches to all your clients in a few seconds by Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services. 

Bulk Call Services

Bulk call service is a smart business communication service that allows you to connect with your customers as a broadcast. You can pre-record the message you want to share and then send it to all the customers in the list. 

Parth Technosys INC offers you bulk call services that are easy to use and equips you with the right tools to make a warm connection with your customer base. Our mission is to empower each business to grow multiple times.

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Why Bulk Call Services For Your Businesses?

Increase Efficiency

Bulk Call Service allow you to use pre-recorded messages to a list of customers. This feature highly increases the efficiency of any kind of promotion.

Uniformity of Message

Bulk Call Service use pre-recorded messages as its primary tool to communicate with all customers. It removes all the possibility of distortion of a message.


Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services are affordable and save your money. Our products also come with features like admin portal and analytic graph.

Multiple Languages

Bulk Call Service offers you to record and execute messages in multiple languages to connect with your local customer's base.

Customer Friendly

Bulk Call Service is a smart automated customer friendly software service that makes your calls more professional and easy to respond to.

Automatic Dialer

Bulk Call Services offer you an automatic dialing system software to reach out to all your customers at the ease of a few clicks.

Benefits Of Using Bulk Call Service

Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services offer you an automated software system to broadcast the same message to all your customers in a few minutes.

Call Scheduling

Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services help you schedule your calls in future that ensures you not to miss any chance to connect with your clients.

Collects Response

Bulk Call Services is a smart system that also collects all the real time responses to track all your customers and to-be customers.

Reminder Calls

Bulk Call Service offers you reminder calls to continue the deal with your clients on a regular basis.

Easy Control System

Parth Technosys Bulk SMS services comes with an easy to use control panel that helps to monitor and track all your calls at finger ease.


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Parth Technosys INC has been active in the field of business communication solutions for 15+ years. We provide all kinds of business communication solutions such as lead management, IVR, and cloud telepathy. Our mission is to provide the latest software systems to businesses to help them work more efficiently and generate more profits.

Our Bulk Call Services Has Powerful Plug And Play Features

Billing for only answered call

Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Service charges you for answered calls only. There are no extra hidden charges for calling.

DND filtration

Our Bulk Call Service offer you a filter to discriminate among your customers list on the basis of 'Do Not Disturb' choices by your clients.

Multi language

Parth Technosys INC offers you to use bulk call services in your own language to reach out the local customers in different parts of India.

Use your contact number as call Id

Bulk SMS services can use your own contact number as your caller ID. You need not to change your number for any action in this software.

Helps as a marketing tool

Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services helps you as a professional marketing tool that can use voice calling methods to promote your offers, new launches, and deals.

Customized Voice Clip

Bulk Call Services offer you to use your own customized voice clips in your promotion marketing audio messages.

Call anywhere in all India

Parth Technosys INC offers you to call your customers all over India without any extra hidden charges in our products.

Integrable tool

Parth Technosys INC Bulk Call Services can be integrated with other business communication service tools of Parth Technosys.

Call Scheduling

Bulk Call Services allows you to schedule your calls in future or on a regular period of time for maintaining consistency in the system.

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