IVR service in noida

Parthtechnosys is one of the leading IVR service in Noida.

IVR service in noida

Parth Technosys is one of the best  (Interactive Voice Response) ivr service in Noida. We have been known for providing modern business solutions to customers for the past years now, we do have a lot of experience & Knowledge of working with different companies. Interactive Voice Response(IVR) is the best way of computing and establishing a special bond with your customers. If you are looking for a better solution to your business needs, then Parth Technosys is the answer to your question. We provide the finest IVR services to clients from all over the world. Parth Technosys IVR Solution put forward the best query settlement with the help of a specialized menu.

Our services are genuinely reasonable and give a margin over others as compared to an assistance. Our prior focus is always assisting the customers to enhance their business status in an easy way as we are one of the leading IVR service in Noida. Our only aim is to encourage customers to admire better and maintain existing correlation with customers which can give a great rise to their business. On the basis of the types of doubts that it receives, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can also assist in decreasing client’s service & costs. It assists businesses to solve the doubts or queries of their customer clients by appraising the already recorded audio in advance and interacting with callers & helping out them with their issues. Industries like Banking, electronic- commerce industry, Telecom, Railway, Flight Bookings, Cinema Halls, Food Delivery apps, Cab booking, stock medicine delivery apps, Gadgets delivery apps, etc, takes a deep help of IVR for assisting clients queries and leading its solutions. All the incoming or outgoing calls received or made up by the system can be easily recorded and then may be used for further better development within the IVR flow. In the IVR service, we can also come to know the feedback of the customers which ensures good and better customer service in the upcoming future. The main priority of Parth Technosys is to satisfy customers by rendering high-class services as we are known as the top IVR service in Noida.

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Types of IVR Services

There are probably two types of IVR services i.e Solitary level IVR and collective level IVR. Solitary level IVR has only a single reply after the phone calls get linked with the customers and the collective level IVR has multiple audio call responses based on users’ valid queries. 

When a call gets linked or connected, the customers listen to the audio which asks them to select a language and then the users get connected with the preferred team in their respective language.

Totally depending upon the number of calls and requirements of the business anyone can go for solitary level IVR or collective Level IVR. The basic difference between solitary level IVR and collective level IVR is that solitary level IVR is affordable for small businesses whereas  Collective level IVR assists you to provide customers multi-language support.

Team support of IVR is totally dedicated towards assisting and helping their clients and making the best output. There is one more advanced feature of Goodbye Spam calls, In case of getting teased by spam calls, you also get a feature to create a list of numbers that would never be able to connect with IVR numbers again.

Benefits of using IVR Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the best and most effective software to grasp all your clients on a phone call. Parth Technosys IVR services provide all kinds of benefits that would really help you to enhance your business at a very speedy rate as we are known as the best IVR service in Noida.

When a call gets linked or connected, the customers listen to the audio which asks them to select a language and then the users get connected with the preferred team in their respective language.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an effective cellular network system that connects with its clients, gathers noticeable information, and makes calls straightforward to the appropriate customers. An IVR System accepts the voice call as well as keypad selection and gives suitable responses in the form of voice, reply, fax, email, and other connective procedure. It provides the solution to all queries implemented by customers through two types of IVR services i.e. solitary level IVR and Collective level IVR system. IVR system has a feature of multi-language which creates great ease for customers.


The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system sets up a Solitary level IVR and Collective level IVR for staying as a virtual auditor that is ongoing and answers the calls round the clock. Conveying and handling the customed clients’ general and reasonable queries with the pre-arranged responses is one of the effective tools of IVR service provider in Noida. IVR services also provide a callback facility throughout its non-business hours and so give suggestions on customers’ queries when business recommended. When agents leave their desks or are unavailable for calls so their incoming call is just forwarded directly to their own mobile numbers which instantly helps the customers to solve out their queries.

Multi-level IVR


We have made the best IVR services accessible to businesses or corporates in Noida at affordable prices.


Our IVR service comes with features that allow you to keep a track of how users are interacting over call.


The team at Parthtechnosys is committed towards excellence and is always at hand to help clients get the most out of IVR service.

Easy CRM Integration

With our IVR service, you get to you integrate any CRM software to collect and re-market the users.

Toll-Free Numbers

Completely toll-free numbers are with services like IVR to make it easy for the customer to reach out to your company.

Whitelist and Blacklist

In case of receiving spam calls, you also get a feature to create a list of numbers that won’t be able to connect with the same number again.

Client Speaks

Parth's IVR services has helped me to improve quality of my business calls at phenomenal level. I am highly thankful to Parth Technosys and team for their awesome service.
Md Shoaib
Co- Founder
We are highly Satisfied with the service of Parth Technosys, using Multi level IVR service with CRM integration. Team is always ready to help and Support. Keep Going... 👍
Prashant Arora
Senior Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients.

An inbound IVR system handles inbound calls. It is a system that routes your incoming calls and plays music on hold while you are on the phone whereas Outbound IVR is the process of dialing out for information. Outbound IVR is used for telephone surveys, reminder calls, and notification calls.

IVR services are not restricted to a few industries. It is suitable for small or big, old or new, every type of industry. Small businesses that want to grow their brand image generally prefer IVR services. Parth Technosys is one of the best IVR service provider in Noida that serves all types of industries.

IVR service totally depends on the service provider you are subscribing to. However, it takes a few hours and you are all set. It is one of the easy and convenient ways to grow your firm in this competitive market with the help of the best IVR service provider in Noida.

What are the benefits of Parthtechnosys’ IVR service?

Some of the benefits of IVR services are mentioned below:

  • Never miss a call or lead
  • Improves the customer journey
  • Reduces workload and human resources required
  • Improves brand image and recall value
  • Comes with amazing features to increase efficiency
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