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Parth Technosys INC Telecommunication Solution- Best IVR Service provider in Faridabad

IVR Services plays a major role in attracting leads and converting them into quality customers for your business. In a survey, IVR services have been proved to save a large amount of money and increase the business by nearly 80%. 

Parth Technosys has been working in providing telecommunication solutions for nearly two decades. We have the top IVR service products for all kinds of businesses. Whether you are the owner of a Travel Agency Telecom Company or an E-Commerce, our IVR services will increase your inflow of calls and the number of sales from the first month itself. 

The changing wave of technology has been affecting the traditional way of doing business. IVR services, since its invention, have been adapting to the evolution of technology. It’s now serving as smart software that can handle your calls, your customer’s data, and documents, and offer you an auto-updating software system. With all the calling services integrated into one software, you are saving nearly 80% of your total cost by installing an IVR system. 

IVR services help you to deal with several calls each day. The automated voice responding system allows your customers to give input from their mobile phones only and reach their desired solution. All the basic but important queries of your customers can be solved with the automated service system. You don’t need to set your agents as a first row executives for your customers as IVR can do that easily. 

Each business has its own requirements. They all demand treatment according to their needs. You can set up your IVR smartly according to your business size and requirements. Below are the businesses where IVR has been serving as a boon. E-commerce, Banking Industry, Hotel Industry, Cab booking, Travel Agency, Cinema Halls, Telecom Industry and much more. 

 Parth Technosys offers the best IVR service Provider in Faridabad to lead your business to excellence flawlessly. This service will work as a first-row executive for your inbound calls and deal with them professionally. 

IVR calling solution will increase your inbound calls and also enhance the service quality. With our IVR system, you will get the CRM services integration service, call recording, and much more to run your business more smoothly.

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Two different levels of IVR

You may or may not need fully equipped IVR services. You must choose your package as per your needs of the business. Your choice for an IVR service must depend on the size of your company, cost savings, and increasing the profits. Keep all these factors in your checklist before going for the installation of the below IVR Services.

Simple-level IVR Services suit small & medium-sized businesses. Its major work is to deal with the inbound calls as the first row of executives for the customers. It delivers them quality communication services and entertains them with its pre-recorded messages. It helps your customers to find their pathway to their solutions by themselves. Also, it leads them to an agent if needed. 

Parth Technosys INC offers you single-level IVR services at reasonable charges. With our IVR services not only you can expect more calls but also a huge increment in the number of conversions in your sales. 

The multi-Level IVR Service system comes with a dynamic menu system with fluid options for your customers. It has a multi-layered IVR structure to make the specific path for your customers easier and more comfortable. 

A multi-level IVR service system offers you many other features like instant call routing, call recording, text-to-speech, file import, and auto-update system in your IVR Service solution. 

According to your business size, both the IVR will work differently for you. For a small or medium-sized business, the single-level IVR system will work perfectly whereas, for big-sized businesses, a multi-level IVR system will be an ideal choice. 

Benefits of Choosing Parth Technosys Best IVR Service Provider in Faridabad

Benefits of Multi-Channel IVR Service Provider in Faridabad


As the best IVR Service Provider in Faridabad, Team Parth Technosys brings you all our services with the best reasonable prices that suit your budget and save you money.


Parth Technosys IVR system allows you to keep an eye check on your performance, your number of calls, leads, customers to follow up, and many more. It also keeps a record of why a customer has called you before.

Customer Support

The team at Parthtechnosys is committed towards excellence and is always at hand to help clients get the most out of IVR service.

Easy CRM Integration

With our IVR service, you get to you integrate any CRM software to collect and re-market the users.

Reasonable and Flexible Pricing

We have made the best IVR services accessible to businesses or corporates in Faridabad at affordable prices.


Our IVR service comes with features that allow you to keep a track of how users are interacting over call.

Client Speaks

Parth's IVR services has helped me to improve quality of my business calls at phenomenal level. I am highly thankful to Parth Technosys and team for their awesome service.
Md Shoaib
Co- Founder
We are highly Satisfied with the service of Parth Technosys, using Multi level IVR service with CRM integration. Team is always ready to help and Support. Keep Going... 👍
Prashant Arora
Senior Manager


No, Our services come with a user-friendly dashboard, training from our end and time to time support from our team. There is no need to hire a dedicated person to manage the IVR.

Some of the benefits of IVR services are mentioned below:

  • You never miss a call or lead
  • Improves the customer journey
  • Reduces workload and resources required
  • Improves brand image
  • Comes with amazing features to increase efficiency

Parthtechnosys IVR service dashboard has a user-friendly user interface. Even if someone faces any issue while using our IVR service, our support team is always at hand to help.

Yes, After opting for the IVR service, our support team will help you with everything that your business will require with the IVR service. This includes CRM software integration too.

At Parthtechnosys, we’re committed towards helping businesses achieve their goals with the help of our technology services. With our years of experience in the industry we’re able to deliver the solutions to businesses across industries. 

Yes, demo is provided to anyone who wishs to opt for the IVR service. All the doubts and queries of the user are tried to be resolved during the demo session.

You get trackability features such as call recording, CRM integration, Missed call notification and real-time reporting. Contact us to know more about it.

Yes, We have multiple plans to choose from and anyone without any problem can switch their plans whenever they require to do so.

What is single level IVR ?

In single level IVR, you get to hear only one pre recorded audio for the user to give input via dialpad. Single level IVR is useful for startups or businesses that receive atleast 50 calls per day. To know more about it get in touch with us.

What is multi level IVR ?

In multi level IVR, you get to hear multiple pre recorded audio for the user to give input via dialpad. Multi level IVR is useful for corporates or businesses that receive more than 500 calls per day. To know more about it get in touch with us.

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