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Smart IVR Services to guide your customers to the specific solution. Setup the IVR services to make your customers act to get their solutions on their own. A quality menu of choices will include each basic challenge that your customers face day-to-day regarding your services. By calling and using the guide of your company services, they can solve their problems easily. These services also make sure that when needed, your customers get connected only to the best agent for their specific problems who is the right person to deal with the challenge.

Hosted IVR

As a smart telephony system, Interactive Voice Response is an excellent way of dealing with and maintaining relationships with your customers. It allows your customer’s dial-pad to work as an automated tool to reach out to the specific solution in need. Parth Technosys IVR Solution offers you fast query resolution with the help of a categorised menu. Our services are affordable and give you an edge over others in services. Our prime focus is always helping you to grow your business at the ease of fingers. Our mission is to empower you in creating successful relationships with your clients and grow your business. Get in touch to get more details about Parth Technosys IVR Services.

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Why IVR Services For Your Business?

Personalized IVR message

Set personalized pre-recorded IVR messages to get the attention of the customers. A pre-recorded message sets up the right environment to start a conversation.

Improve Company Image

Parth Technosys IVR Services Help you to set up professional standards for the company in the business world. A professional response to your customers will improve your image as an organisation in your customers' mind.

Customer Support

Our call center solution service allows you to set up your own menu on the dial-pad of a cell phone. Automatic choice systems lead your customers to obtain solutions on their own with the help of a customized menu.

Prioritise your calls

Allows you to route calls as per the caller’s value. There is no need to handle those calls on each level. You can direct the call to the agent, manager, or even higher position as per the value a caller holds.

Analyze your callers

Helps you to analyze each caller by sending you data & information of each caller you handle. It will add a roadmap for you. You can analyse this data to improve the customer services for your next plan of action of your organisation.

Deal High Call Volume

Allows you to deal with high call volume with the option of waiting or returning the call. Once your call gets over, it will automatically connect the call with the number in the queue. This small action will help you to retain your customers for a longer time.

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Benefits Of Using IVR Services

IVR Services is a smart software system to handle all your consumers on call. It is easy to use and experience. 

Parth Technosys INC IVR service provides you benefits that would help you to grow your business by 2X.

Increase Efficiency

Increases customer service efficiency with an automated customized menu, call routing, and pre-recorded features. It strengthens your customer service quality by giving many advanced technological options in your hand.

Customer Satisfaction

Gives your customer power to interact more efficiently and reach the right solution in just a few clicks. There is no need to call an agent each time. A wide automated menu is enough for them to find their own solution. This is an efficient system that creates more customer satisfaction.

Increase Professionalism

Makes you more professional in business communications and helps you to claim your authority in the business world by solving customers' challenges more easily. Less time; More Quality work.

Generate More Sales

Automated menu systems help you to generate more leads and close more sales. It means increasing the profit of an organisation to lead the market and make an impression on your field of expertise.


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Parth Technosys INC has been active in the field of business communication solutions for 15+ years. We provide all kinds of business communication solutions such as lead management, IVR, and cloud telepathy. 

Our mission is to provide the latest software systems to businesses to help them work more efficiently and generate more profits.


Drag & Drop Call Flow Design

Easily helps you to change or divert the calling path. Helps in adding new agents, phone numbers, and pre-recorded menus.

Call Routing

Smart feature of the service that allows you to route ongoing calls to the expert agent in the field to get the best solution.

CRM Integration

Gives you all the information of customers instantly with an integrated CRM system to analyse and improve.

Call Recording & Transcription

Record all your incoming & outgoing calls to revisit and test the quality of calls. This helps to investigate minor challenges in any kind of communication

Scripting Calls

Set all the dial-pad messages in IVR System Software to script the messages your customer will get on call.

Automated Queue Callbacks

Smart IVR Services automatically calls back to the customers in the queue. With this feature, not one customer will be missed by you.

Call Forwarding

A special feature that Helps your customers to reach out to the same agent on different devices if he is unavailable on the main device.

Call Queuing & Ring groups

IVR services gives you a feature for Keeping your customers in queue. The ring group function rings incoming calls on all devices at the same time for better consumer services.

Multi Language Option

Parth Technosys IVR Services offers you you options of multi-language as per native areas to connect the local customers with 2x efficiency.

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