Improve your call management with a smart cloud call center solution. Increase efficiency, excel in solving problems, and improve your brand image with an easy to set up call center software.

Call Center Solutions Software

Call center solution softwares enables you to deal with inbound calls in your company. This helps in answering, managing, and executing the call process professionally. 

Parth Technosys INC call center solutions software comes with a purpose of making your calls more manageable with strong back support. Our products help you to  make consistent relationships with your customers by providing your caller’s history and guide them to the right agent for their needs. 

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Why Call Center Solutions Services For Your Business?

Improve Management

Call Center Solutions Service enhances the management of the company. It helps to handle calls, understand the specific needs, and solve them quickly.

Enhances the productivity

Call Center Solution Service increases the productivity of your business communication by serving 24x7 with sales, queries, back support, and technical issues.


Part Technosys INC Call Center Solutions Service offers you a cost saving software that will reduce the outflowing money as equal as many employees.

Improve Brand Image

Call Center Solutions Service helps to improve your image as a professional organization as software can deal with customers in a pre-directed professional way.

Gives You Security

Parth Technosys Call Center Solution Service provides you security of your customers personal data. Our product includes cloud spaces so that you can always get important information from your clients.

Excellent Customer Experience

A Call Center Solution Services expose your customers to the live responses from the software. It is 24x7 available and can hold customers until an agent approaches them.

Benefits of Call Center Solution Services

Parth Technosys INC Call Center Services can benefit you in driving businesses, solving queries, increasing revenues, and handling customers in a professional manner that would eventually grow your business by multiple times. 

Easy To Operate

Call Center Solutions Services are easy to set up and operate. Our products offer you easy access and operations at a few steps.

Multi-domain software

Part Technosys INC Call Center Solution Services can interact with your other business communication solutions through CRM. It increases the productivity of your call

Increase revenue

Call Center Software Services increase your revenue by providing you features like call routing, integrated CRM, automated voice recording, cloud services etc.


Call Center Solutions Service offers you an omnipresence communication system. Your customers can reach out to agents on different domains other than the main landline number.


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Parth Technosys INC has been active in the field of business communication solutions for 15+ years. We provide all kinds of business communication solutions such as lead management, IVR, and cloud telepathy. Our mission is to provide the latest software systems to businesses to help them work more efficiently and generate more profits. 

Our Call Center Solution Services Has Powerfull Plug and Play Features


Parth Technosys INC Call Center Solution Services are omnipresent that means your customers can reach you via different modes of communication.

Call Routing

Call Center Solutions offer you a call routing feature. You can easily transfer a call to the right agent or your manager to handle the customer query.

Cloud based calling

Call Center Solutions provide you with a cloud based calling system. It secures all your customers data at one space and keeps it secure for future evaluations.


Part Technosys Call Center Software offers you a complete report of your performance, results, quality of calls, on-call duration etc.

Outgoing calls

Call Center Services also empower you to do outgoing calls for promotion, surveys, and offers in a professional way.

SMS tracking

Our products help you to track the SMS sent to the customers. It tracks the opening rate, leads, and sales that helps you to create more revenue for the company.


Part Technosys Call Center Software can integrate with other business communication softwares of Parth Technosys. You can do all the work on one platform.


Call Center Service features transcriptions of the call. It sends a transcript of the live chats to the customers for quality purposes and references.

Pay as Per Use

With Parth Technosys INC call center solution you will have to pay only for much you use of the software.

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