Generate leads, collect data from potential customers and create surveys. Know what your customers are craving for with Our Missed Call Services.

Missed Call Services

Missed call service is an ideal way to collect data from your customer and non-customer base. It is fast, effective, and free of cost for everyone. Missed call services are used to generate quality responses, collect data from surveys, quick polls, and generate relevant leads for your organization.
Parth Technosys INC offers you an secure, easy to use, and affordable missed call service system to you. Our missed call services are trackable and you can analyze data of your potential leads.
Our mission is to equip each business with world class business communication tools to grow multiple times.
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Why Missed Call Services For Your Business?

Cost-effective for your company

Missed Call Services are very cost-effective as a marketing tool. It can collect data from any survey or promotion at minimal cost compared to other marketing strategies.

Collect valuable data from audience

Missed call service are majorly known for collecting data. It is a well known tool to grab your customers' attention and encourage them to participate in any surveys.

Track & analyze all
the calls

Missed Call services track all the missed calls and help you analyse them so that a company can create products & services Accordingly.

Easy way of Lead Generation

Missed Call Service is the most easy way to generate leads. Your customers can give a free missed call to you and you can put their information as potential leads.

Customer Verification

To verify the authenticity of your customers, Missed Call service is a better alternative than OTPs. You can ask them to give a missed call to a particular number.

Easy updates

Missed Call Service offer you an easy way to update the data of any customer. Your customer can modify the previous data by giving a missed call only.

Benefits of Missed Call Services

Missed Call Service enables you to get valuable data from your customer base and your non-customer base. It is helpful to improve the quality of services you provide to the customers.

Helps in Surveys & Promotions

Missed call services help you in collecting data from surveys, promotion, and update from your customer base. This data helps to shape the next step of your business.

Generating quality leads

Missed Call Services can generate quality customer leads by asking them for a missed call action. This service can also verify their authenticity by a missed call.


Missed call service are available 24x7. Your potential customers can call you anytime of the day and it will be tracked for evaluation.

Saves your time

Collecting the market data is not an easy work. Missed Call Services saves all your time & efforts as it asks your customers to share their data with you.


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Parth Technosys INC has been active in the field of business communication solutions for 15+ years. We provide all kinds of business communication solutions such as lead management, IVR, and cloud telepathy. Our mission is to provide the latest software systems to businesses to help them work more efficiently and generate more profits.


Real Time Reporting

Parth Technosys INC Missed Call service provide you real time business call activities on a live dashboard. You can see live updates of your ad campaigns.

Automated SMS

Missed Call Service offer you automated SMS as your response to your customers missed calls. You can create your own customised SMS.

Cloud Based System

Parth Technosys INC Missed Call Services offer you a cloud based service system to get all your data stored at one secured place.

Easy CRM Integration

Our Missed Call Service product can easily be integrated with other Parth Technosys INC business communication tools for easy business operations.

Automated Disconnecting

Missed Call Services disconnects the call after one ring from the customer's side automatically. It makes the action easy & effective for both the customer & company's side.

Automated Campaign Analysis

Parth Technosys INC services are fully capable of running automated campaigns through internet and google ads. It can monitor and analyse the real time effect of the campaigns.

Run Multiple Campaigns

With Parth Technosys INC Missed Call services, you can run multiple business campaigns at once. This feature indeed saves time and increases efficiency of the organisation.

Call Tracking

Missed Call Services software enables you to track all your missed calls. It also directs you to call back to the customers if needed.

Real Time Updates

Missed Call Services provides you all the updates of your running campaigns in real time. You can observe, and act accordingly to draw maximum results from your ads. This also helps to improve the management quality of your team.

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