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IVR Service Provider in Ghaziabad

Searching for an IVR Service provider in Ghaziabad? You are in the right place at right time. We, the team of Parth Technosys proudly present you with the IVR calling services for your business. Whether it is a telecom company or a travel agency, we have a solution for all of you. 

After spending years in this field and gaining expertise, we are now able to understand all your wants and needs. We are aware of the changing wave of business communication and are willingly adapting ourselves to that. Our sole motive is to serve our clients with the most advanced technologies present in the marketplace. 

Finding a way to reduce cost and increase productivity? A well-equipped IVR solution service is exactly what you need. By implementing IVR services into your business, you can do the cost-cutting by nearly 80%. 

With an automated pre-programmed executive, you can deal with a number of calls easily. Our automated IVR system can handle many basic queries and questions without the help of any real agent of the company. This is done by a smart menu system and professional voice commands that allow customers to have a flawless satisfying conversation. 

Depending on what your business needs, you can set up the multi-layered input IVR system. Following are the industries that have a vast role of IVR in their growth. Telecom Industry, Banking Sector, E-commerce, Travel Agency, Cab Booking, Hospitals, Cinema Halls, Malls and many more. 

Parth Technosys provides you best IVR service Provider in Ghaziabad that help you to create automated first-row executives for your customers. It helps you to grant your customer a professional environment in which his/ her all problems will be solved. 

Our services will increase your inbound calls and their customer service quality. We offer you CRM integration service, call recording, call routing, and text-to-speech features included in our IVR Service package. 

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Types of IVR Services

There are two types of IVR Services available for your organization. According to the wholesome needs of your business model and business size, you can go for the one. Remember the rule of cost-cutting and increasing the profits. Keep these in balance and choose the perfect service for you. 

Single-level IVR service is perfect for a small or medium-sized business. It works as a simple auto-attended tool that receives the calls when a customer approaches. It works as the first receptionist of the customer. With the help of pre-recorded messages, it solves the needs of the customers. Also, it helps them to find their pathway to their next destination. 

With Parth Technosys INC Single Level IVR Services you can handle your calls without any worry of unprofessional mistakes. Single Level IVR service is ideal if you are running a small-sized or medium-sized business. 

In a Multi-Level IVR Service System, you can expect a dynamic menu system with flexible options according to the need of the caller. It has a multi-layered structure with more dynamic options for the ease of the customer. 

Multi-Level IVR Services also offers you smart technology for inbound call routing, call-recording, self-update system, text-to-speech, and file import system.

Your business size and your requirement will have a major impact on which IVR system you should choose for your company. According to the size, the Single-Level IVR service is ideal for small & medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, big-sized businesses demand you to work with Multi-Level IVR Services. 

Benefits of Choosing Parth Technosys Best IVR Service in Ghaziabad

Multi-level IVR


Get the best IVR Service Provider in Ghaziabad at a reasonable price for your businesses of all kinds and all sizes.


Our IVR solution can track all the calls you attend during your working or non-working hours. It keeps track of why and for what your customers are calling you.

Dedicated Support

Parth Technosys is committed to serving you with whole excellence. We help you to get the best results with IVR services.

Easy CRM Integration

Our easy-to-use CRM System allows you to connect all other calling solutions with IVR services for an integrated dashboard for better communication and more results.

Toll-Free Numbers

We provide your toll-free number with our IVR services for making it easy to contact your customers without worrying about charges.

No Spam Calls

You can easily block the numbers if you recognize them as spam. They won’t be able to contact you again ever.

Client Speaks

Parth's IVR services has helped me to improve quality of my business calls at phenomenal level. I am highly thankful to Parth Technosys and team for their awesome service.
Md Shoaib
Co- Founder
We are highly Satisfied with the service of Parth Technosys, using Multi level IVR service with CRM integration. Team is always ready to help and Support. Keep Going... 👍
Prashant Arora
Senior Manager


Parthtechnosys IVR service dashboard has a user-friendly user interface. Even if someone faces any issue while using our IVR service, our support team is always at hand to help.

Yes, After opting for the IVR service, our support team will help you with everything that your business will require with the IVR service. This includes CRM software integration too.

No, Our services come with a user-friendly dashboard, training from our end and time to time support from our team. There is no need to hire a dedicated person to manage the IVR.

You get trackability features such as call recording, CRM integration, Missed call notification and real-time reporting. Contact us to know more about it.

Yes, We have multiple plans to choose from and anyone without any problem can switch their plans whenever they require to do so.

What are the benefits of Parthtechnosys’ IVR service?

Some of the benefits of IVR services are mentioned below:

  • You never miss a call or lead
  • Improves the customer journey
  • Reduces workload and resources required
  • Improves brand image
  • Comes with amazing features to increase efficiency
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