Turn your visitors into your customers with a button by using click to call services. It increases the number of calls and helps your customers to reach out instantly to you. 


Click to call service are special features that allow your customers to connect you instantly with just a click on web pages. This process is fast and takes no waiting time for connecting the agents.
Click to call services are speed dials buttons on your different platform to reduce the complexity for your clients.

Parth Technosys INC offers Click to Call services for all your web presence on the internet. Our Click to Call services will help you to gain customers multiple times.
Our mission is to equip each business with world class business communication services to grow by 2x.

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Why Click to Call Service For Your Business?

Minimal Customer Efforts

Click to call service allows your customers to reach out to you in just a click. It reduces all the complexity that comes while trying to connect with any organisation.

More Orders & Queries

Click to call service generates more potential leads for your company as customers find it easy to have a call with the organisation.

Contact Customers Instantly

Click to call service helps you to connect your customers Instantly at the right time. It avoids long queues and prefers a callback system from the organization.

No Missed Sales

These services help you to connect with the customers at instant when they are searching for their solution on your web page. This action minimises the missed sales opportunities.

Tracks Each Calls

Click to Call Service keeps a track record of all your call timing, recording, and quality. This further helps in future customer management of your company.

Help Winning Your Customers

Click to Call service help you to instantly connect with potential leads. It increases the chances to win the customer multiple times by winning by putting the right information about your products and services instantly.

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Benefits of Click to Call Services

Click to call services that offer your customers encourages your customers to act instantly with only a fingertip. This service only can increase your sales by multiple times by increasing the number of potential leads.

No need to remember numbers

Click to call service remove all complexities for Connecting an agent. It significantly increases the number of callers interested in your products.

Increase Convenience

Click to Call services increase convenience for customers and business owners both. As it removes all the complexities, it increases the quality and quantity of interaction between both sides.

Track & Analyze

Click to Call Services track each call that comes to the customer support team. It records the call, tracks call duration and collects all information about the caller.

Convert Web Page Traffic To Customer

Parth Technosys INC Click to Call services help you to convert the potential leads from web pages into your permanent customers with just a finger click on the connect now button.


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Parth Technosys INC has been active in the field of business communication solutions for 15+ years. We provide all kinds of business communication solutions such as lead management, IVR, and cloud telepathy. 

Our mission is to provide the latest software systems to businesses to help them work more efficiently and generate more profits. 

Our Click To Call Services Has Powerful Plug And Play Features

Automated Dialing

Parth Technosys INC Click to Call Services offer your customers a single click button to connect with you instantly.

Call Recording

Our Click to Call Service product offers you a call recording feature to evaluate and improve customer management services.

Easy to Convert Customers

Click to call services helps you to connect with warm leads. These leads are already on your web pages and are very easy to persuade for sales.

No Missed Call

Parth Technosys INC Click to Call Services offer you instant call with a click only. This reduces the chances of missed calls by nearly 100%.

Track & Analyze The Calls

Parth Technosys INC click to call services helps you to track your calls and analyze it in detail for your further business communications.

Integrate With Other Tools

Our Click to call services products have the feature of getting integrated with other Parth Technosys INC business communication tools.

Easy to set-up

Parth Technosys INC click to call services are easy to set up and execute. You can easily set it up and run with just a few steps. You can set it according to your business demands

Web-based platform

Click to Call Services does not ask for a seperate pages or heavy set ups. It is a web page button that can be easily put in your website.

No charges

Parth Technosys INC Click to Call services are free of any charges. This feature attracts more customers and improves your brand image in the business world.

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