How can you get a Virtual Number in India Easily?

How can you get a Virtual Number in India Easily?
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A calling system is a must for any business office. Even in this digital era, a real-time call is the most important asset for businesses. It gives customers reliable information regarding products & services. The professional behaviour of the agent on the call builds up the brand image among the customers. However, setting up a business calling number can be costly for small organisations and firms. A full-fledged calling system also demands a reliable infrastructure. 

Here comes the Virtual Number into the play. Virtual Numbers are such a key that can help you to grow your business via calls without being involved in a typical calling infrastructure. It can help you to multiply your business in different areas including national & international countries. The question is how to get it. 

Read the blog completely to know everything about the virtual number and how to get to India. 

What is a Virtual Number?

Direct Inward Directing (DID) is generally referred to as Virtual Number. As the name suggests, the number connects a call forwarding system for all incoming calls on the number we want. A virtual number can change the path of all incoming calls, IP addresses, or devices from one to another.  

A virtual number allows you to overcome the network coverage challenge and infrastructure challenges and gives you more freedom and autonomy in running the business. As a fact, a virtual number charges both the caller and the receiver. The call charge gets split between both sides of the party. As a secondary result, it helps the company owner to receive lesser spam calls.

Benefits of Setting up a Virtual Number:

A virtual number is an alternative to the high-cost full setup of a separate calling system. Mostly it helps small organisations to grow and compete with the larger ones. It offers hardware flexibility, and infinite localization and saves a significant amount of money in the process.

Higher Conversion Rate:

Virtual numbers help you to keep an eye on all outgoing & incoming calls. You can monitor & inspect all calls by it. Also as it charges both sides for its cost, it cancels out nearly all the spam calls. Fewer spam calls result in higher conversion rates.

Sourcing Quality Leads:

For any business, leads are important but having quality leads is way more important than the quantity of them. Using a virtual number helps you to get quality leads as it classifies all high-quality leads and lowers the spam calls and gets streamlined customer interaction.

Number Masking:

Virtual Number makes sure of your security on both sides of the phone. It conceals the whole life of talking and later secures the data of the calls. Hence ensuring a complete secure conversation with consumer privacy & zero data leakage.


All a business thirsts for is a call from a potential lead. Hence in any business, each call counts as an important one. However, without a proper setup, it is tough to attend calls from far distant corners of the world. Virtual Number opens up an alternative to this. It channelizes all the calls from each corner of the world to the appropriate team based on availability, location, and caller history.

How to get a Virtual Number?

There are many business communication service provider companies that offer you virtual mobile numbers. If you are already using a voice-over-internet protocol system, you can ask them for a virtual number. 

On the other hand, you can go for any other virtual number provider for getting the details of the service and your requirement. ParthTechnosys is a leading organisation in serving all kinds of business communication solutions to all small & large businesses. Contact us for all your virtual number service needs. We will gladly fulfil all your requirements at the best charges possible.

How much does a Virtual Number cost?

The service of virtual Number charges depends on various following factors. 

The number of calls:

Like a common calling service, the virtual number also charges you based on the number of calls made or received and the total duration of the calls. 

Location of the caller:

International calls play a vital role in the cost of virtual numbers. You may have to pay different cost rates for calls from different countries. 

Call Forwarding Price:

Virtual number service forwards the message to different routes & IPs. The transfer of one IP to another costs money. You can get a plan including per minute charges as per the volume of redirected calls. 

Additional Features:

You can go for different additional features of the virtual number. A premium number service like outbound calling, IVR & call forwarding will charge you some extra reasonable amount.

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