You Need to Fix These IVR Complaints Right Now.

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IVR services is no doubt a boon for customer-centric organizations. It helps everyone to reach their personal solutions instantly. Agents also understand the challenges better. However, it would never be easy to be on call for a full day. Handling tens of customers each day is not a child’s play. 

IVR system helps companies to lower the number of calls. It handles a majority of calls by itself. But there are customers whom you need to talk to anyway. Not sure how would they behave while talking to you. 

All these problems get amplified when your IVR system does not work well. Using an IVR services system is extremely easy. The hard part is to design its menu and functions. Many amateur officials fail to design an engaging and solution-oriented IVR menu. This system adds more problems for the customers.   

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 major problems that you must fix in your IVR system right now.

IVR Circling:

IVR system came into existence for making the whole calling process easier. Remember that your customers also want to get instant solutions to their problems. You must remember that your IVR system is to make the situation simple. 

The problem arises when it comes to designing an IVR. A large number of companies don’t understand that customers don’t want to be engaged in the long queues of option menus. Also, a long queue of menus can lead your customer to go into circles of the layers of IVR. 

Companies do make the mistake of ignoring the usability of the IVR system. Your customer will get confused if your IVR system has more layering. It is also important to keep the menu options limited to five in each layer. 

More than 5 options in the layering can lead your customers in circling. Chances are high that your customer will cut the call finally.

How to solve it?

IVR circling is very simple to solve. You need to evaluate the structure of the IVR system by yourself. The motive of this evaluation should be simplicity & efficiency. The followings are the points you need to take care of.

  • How many layers are in your IVR?
  • How many options are at each layer?
  • Do these options cover all requirements of customers?
  • Are these options easy to operate?

Asking customer’s information more than two times:

It is very important to the authenticity of the customer while talking to them. The authenticity process kills the chances of scamming or time-killing people. But it can be harmful to ask for verification from a customer more than two times. 

Genuine customers support you with the verification. They tell you the basic details like birth dates and names. They also want genuine support from the company’s side and don’t interrupt the ongoing process. However, when they are asked for the same every few minutes; it becomes a major turn-off for them. This problem occurs when agents shift a call to different departments for better treatment. 

How to solve this?

 You can’t escape the verification part of a customer. It’s important as well as a necessity to check the authenticity of the customer. There is a very simple solution to solve this problem.

A ‘Customer Relationship Management’ can easily cut down all these problems instantly. After installing a CRM system, a few drags and drops would be enough to fetch any data & information of the customer.

Now, agents do not need to ask for customers’ information repetitively. They can get all data on their screen only.

Keeping customers on hold for long times:

Waiting on a call on hold for a long time is one of the most frustrating things for a customer. Things got more dreadful if the waiting time is uncertain. Chances are very high that your customer will go into hulk mode after you connect the call. He or she can also cut the call simply. Two minutes of holding time are the maximum limit for any customer. 90% of the customers after the limit of 2 minutes.

Higher average hold time affects also your company’s image. This shows that your company is not able to find out instant solutions. This behavior shows that your company is still amateur and not aware of your customer’s regular problems.

How to solve this?

You can avoid this deadly challenge by implementing a few simple steps only.

  • Hire enough agents for your company. If the number of calls is greater than your present team can bear, it’s time to hire new ones.
  • Set a maximum fixed time for holding any call. Fix a 2-minute alarm to return to the call. This will lead you to retain your customers for a longer time.
  • Try not to set an advertisement during your call holding time. Your customers are not here to listen to your ad but to solve their own problems. This can go backfire on you only.

Agents talking like a machine:

Maintaining a professional tone during the call is important. It keeps any situations under the control of the agent only. No company would allow an agent to shout at their customer or behave rudely toward them. 

The company gives training to their agents about the work. It includes a calm voice and a step-by-step solution to each problem. But sometimes this training becomes the reason for the mechanical tone of an agent. 

Remember that you have an IVR system to have a robotic conversation with the customer. When a customer has chosen the option of talking to your agents, it means he or she wants to talk to a human being. A full mechanical talk will only disappoint the customer as he or she wants to talk to a human being and not a machine. 

How to solve this?

The only solution to this challenge is to humanize your training programs. Your agents will convey the same instructions but with the right emotions. Your priority focus must be on making your customers comfy during the call. 

  • Improve your training programs according to the new era of personalization. 
  • Focus on how you are delivering the solution. 
  • Follow your natural conversation style with customers but make sure that you are humble and calm. 


ParthTechnosys is IVR services provider company. We provide IVR service for the telecom sector.IVR system is a great tool for handling a large number of customers. With time and technology, the need for an IVR system is also changing. Above are some problems which you may face while using an IVR system. Implement the solutions and win your customer’s trust instantly.

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